Tomato and Mascarpone Courgetti

It was the Hemsley sisters (some of my favorite foodies) that got me into one of the hottest new food trends-spiralizing -and I am now a sworn believer. Even the briefest look at #courgetti on Instagram will show you that I am not alone in this, making long spaghetti like shapes out of veg is such an amazing way to up your vegetable intake whilst still enjoying all of your favourite pasta/noodle dishes.

By switching carb heavy pasta to courgette (amongst numerous other vegetables you can sprialize with ease) you can feel a little less guilty about enjoying rich sauces and I promise that you won’t notice the difference. I’m not one for health fads and yet I would literally scream from the rooftops to everyone I know about how fab this is; it tastes the same, you really don’t feel like your missing out, and just proves how much we eat with our eyes. It’s even boyfriend friendly- tried, tested and completely approved!

I use the Hemsley & Hemsley spiralizer but if you don’t want to invest in one until you have been converted then a julienne peeler- or even just an ordinary hand held peeler- works absolutely fine. You can use a knife (that’s how I started to do it) but be warned, it’s fiddly and takes a while!

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. In the run up to Christmas little tricks such as sprializing go a really long way in helping you to eat lighter without feeling that you have to compromise on deliciousness. This is such a simple dish where the flavours of basil, mascarpone and tomato compliment each other beautifully. The dish feels like Italy on a plate and yet is still substantial and warming enough to be enjoyed on a cold winters night; once tried it’s sure to become a household classic!


2 large courgettes

3 cloves of garlic, crushed.

1 finely diced onion (either red and white is fine)

300g passata or alternatively you can use a tin of chopped tomatoes

80g mascarpone (approx. two heaped tablespoons)

100g young spinach

plenty fresh basil

½ teaspoon of dried oregano

salt and pepper to taste

(you will need a spriralizer, a julienne peeler or hand held peeler)


Start by gently frying your onion in a little coconut oil or ghee for a couple of minutes until soft before adding the garlic and oregano and continuing to sauté for a couple of minutes. If you want to up your vegetable intake further- which after a heavy weekend I often do- then at this stage you can add a finely diced red pepper add cook for another minute.

Add your passata/ tomatoes to the pan and bring to the boil before simmering for around 10 minutes until you have a lovely rich sauce. At this stage you can start to gently stir in your mascarpone until completely incorporated before throwing in the fresh spinach. At this stage you can taste, season and add half your basil leaves as well. As you stir the spinach will wilt and you should be left with a lovely silky sauce to which you can add your spiralized courgette.

Keep the pan on the low heat whilst you stir in the courgette to make sure that it is both warm and completely mixed up with the sauce. Once this is done you are ready to serve. Garnish with the remaining fresh basil leaves and enjoy!

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